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Project Description

A deck builder follows multiple steps and does a lot of hard work to build you a deck. The end product is one that not only improves the value of your home, but is also very practical. There are many different types of decks we can build, from patio decks to pool decks. Decks are generally made out of three different types of material.

The materials are:

1. Wood – Typically most decks are made out of wood. This is the most traditional material used to make decks, and is considered by many a deck builder to be the most reliable. There are many different types of wood that can be used to make decks, including:

  • Redwood– Redwood is a beautiful color and is estimated to last 10-20 years; it is a very popular type of wood for decks.

  • Cedar– Red Cedar is estimated to last 15-25 years, and is less susceptible to warping than other types of wood.

  • Pine– Pine typically has a more yellow or green tint than other wood. It is denser than other woods, and therefore able to withstand more surface damage.

  • Ipe– Also known as Brazilian Walnut or Ironwood, Ipe is becoming a widely requested material for a deck builder. It has a rich brown color with a hint of silver, and is extremely durable

2. Composite materials :
Composite decking is made up out of a combination of wood and plastic. The amount in each composition is dependent on which brand of deck you’re using. Composite decking is a newer material to the deck builder. It can be more cost effective to use than traditional wood decking.

3. Vinyl :
Vinyl decking is said to be a good kind of decking material, because it has a minimal need for maintenance. It is not affected by sunlight, and it does not need to be stained or painted like other deck building materials. Even if you do not use vinyl for the main part of your deck, a deck builder can attach it to the wood and use it for handrails and fencing around your deck. The downside of vinyl is that while it is made to look similar to wood, it just doesn’t have the same look when examined closely.

Any deck builder understands that there are pros and cons associated with any of these types of deck building materials. We can go over all of your concerns with you, and help you to choose the right material for building your dream deck.

If you are thinking about building a deck on your own, you should really reconsider. If you are planning to anchor the deck to your home, you may need to remove some siding in order to attach it correctly. You will also need many different kinds of tools to build a sturdy deck. You also need to make sure that your deck is safe; if you make one mistake during deck building, the results can be disastrous. A deck builder must have proper knowledge of how to assemble all the materials. Another concern is to make sure that the deck is level. If you don’t have this kind of expertise, call us. We’ll come out and discuss your ideas and concerns, and give you an estimate.

Deck building is a great way to improve your home, your property, and your lifestyle. You can entertain guests by holding outside cocktail parties or barbecues on your new deck. No matter the size of the deck you want built, or the material it’s made out of, we can come out and help you to plan everything, as well as give you an estimate. Let a deck builder do the hard work for you, and soon you can enjoy your new space.

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